Pronunciation: (an-tis'u-pāt"), [key]
v.t., -pat•ed, -pat•ing.
1. to realize beforehand; foretaste or foresee: to anticipate pleasure.
2. to expect; look forward to; be sure of: to anticipate a favorable decision.
3. to perform (an action) before another has had time to act.
4. to answer (a question), obey (a command), or satisfy (a request) before it is made: He anticipated each of my orders.
5. to nullify, prevent, or forestall by taking countermeasures in advance: to anticipate a military attack.
6. to consider or mention before the proper time: to anticipate more difficult questions.
7. to be before (another) in doing, thinking, achieving, etc.: Many modern inventions were anticipated by Leonardo da Vinci.
8. Finance.
a. to expend (funds) before they are legitimately available for use.
b. to discharge (an obligation) before it is due.

to think, speak, act, or feel an emotional response in advance.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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