Pronunciation: (bet'ur), [key]
adj., compar. of good with best as superl.
1. of superior quality or excellence: a better coat; a better speech.
2. morally superior; more virtuous: They are no better than thieves.
3. of superior suitability, advisability, desirability, acceptableness, etc.; preferable: a better time for action.
4. larger; greater: the better part of a lifetime.
5. improved in health; healthier than before.
6. completely recovered in health.
7. no better than one should be, Disparaging.morally inferior; immoral or amoral.

adv., compar. of well with best as superl.
1. in a more appropriate or acceptable way or manner: to behave better.
2. to a greater degree; more completely or thoroughly: He knows the way better than we do. I probably know him better than anyone else.
3. more: I walked better than a mile to town.
4. better off,
a. in better circumstances.
b. more fortunate; happier: Because of his asthma, he would be better off in a different climate.
5. go (someone) one better, to exceed the effort of; be superior to: The neighbors went us one better by buying two new cars.
6. had better, would be wiser or more well-advised to; ought to: We had better stay indoors today.
7. think better of,
a. to reconsider and decide more favorably or wisely regarding: I was tempted to make a sarcastic retort, but thought better of it.
b. to form a higher opinion of.

1. to increase the good qualities of; make better; improve: to better the lot of the suburban commuter.
2. to improve upon; surpass; exceed: We have bettered last year's production record.
3. raise (a previous bid).
4. better oneself, to improve one's social standing, financial position, or education: He is going to night school because he wants to better himself.

1. that which has greater excellence or is preferable or wiser: the better of two choices.
2. Usually, betters. those superior to one in wisdom, wealth, etc.
3. for the better, in a way that is an improvement: His health changed for the better.
4. get or have the better of,
a. to get an advantage over.
b. to prevail against.


Pronunciation: (bet'ur), [key]

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