Pronunciation: (bOOth), [key]
pl. boothsPronunciation: (bOO&thslash;z, bOOths). [key]

1. a stall, compartment, or light structure for the sale of goods or for display purposes, as at a market, exhibition, or fair.
2. a small compartment or boxlike room for a specific use by one occupant: a telephone booth; a projection booth.
3. a small, temporary structure used by voters at elections.
4. a partly enclosed compartment or partitioned area, as in a restaurant or music store, equipped for a specific use by one or more persons.
5. a temporary structure of any material, as boughs, canvas, or boards, used esp. for shelter; shed.


Pronunciation: (bOOth; Brit.bOO&thslash;), [key]
1. Bal•ling•ton Pronunciation: (bal'ing-tun), [key] 1859–1940, founder of the Volunteers of America 1896 (son of William Booth).
2. Edwin Thomas, 1833–93, U.S. actor (brother of John Wilkes Booth).
3. Evangeline Co•ry Pronunciation: (kôr'ē, kōr'ē), [key] 1865?–1950, general of the Salvation Army 1934–39 (daughter of William Booth).
4. John Wilkes, 1838–65, U.S. actor: assassin of Abraham Lincoln (brother of Edwin Thomas Booth).
5. Junius Brutus, 1796–1852, English actor (father of Edwin and John Booth).
6. William (“General Booth”), 1829–1912, English religious leader: founder of the Salvation Army 1865.
7. William Bram•well Pronunciation: (bram'wel", -wul), [key] 1856–1929, general of the Salvation Army (son of William Booth).
8. a male given name.

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