Pronunciation: (kam'bul, kam'ul), [key]
1. Alexander, 1788–1866, U.S. religious leader, born in Ireland: cofounder with his father, Thomas, of the Disciples of Christ Church.
2. Col•en Pronunciation: (kol'un, kō'lun) [key] or Colin, died 1729, Scottish architect and author.
3. Colin (Baron Clyde), 1792–1863, Scottish general.
4. Sir John, 1779–1861, English jurist and writer: Lord Chancellor of England 1859–61.
5. Joseph, 1904–87, U.S. mythologist.
6. Sir Malcolm, 1885–1948, English automobile and speedboat racer.
7. Mrs. Patrick (Beatrice Stella Tanner), 1865–1940, English actress.
8. Thomas, 1763–1854, Irish religious leader, in the U.S. after 1807: cofounder with his son, Alexander, of the Disciples of Christ Church.
9. Thomas, 1777–1844, Scottish poet and editor.
10. a city in W California. 27,067.
11. a city in NE Ohio. 11,619.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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