Pronunciation: (kroud), [key]
1. a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people.
2. any large number of persons.
3. any group or set of persons with something in common: The restaurant attracts a theater crowd.
4. audience; attendance: Opening night drew a good crowd.
5. the common people; the masses: He feels superior to the crowd.
6. a large number of things gathered or considered together.
7. Sociol.a temporary gathering of people responding to common stimuli and engaged in any of various forms of collective behavior.

1. to gather in large numbers; throng; swarm.
2. to press forward; advance by pushing.

1. to press closely together; force into a confined space; cram: to crowd clothes into a suitcase.
2. to push; shove.
3. to fill to excess; fill by pressing or thronging into.
4. to place under pressure or stress by constant solicitation: to crowd a debtor for payment; to crowd someone with embarrassing questions.
5. crowd on sail, carry a press of sail.


Pronunciation: (kroud), [key]
an ancient Celtic musical instrument with the strings stretched over a rectangular frame, played with a bow. Also,crwth.

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