Pronunciation: (fas'un, fä'sun), [key]
1. to attach firmly or securely in place; fix securely to something else.
2. to make secure, as an article of dress with buttons, clasps, etc., or a door with a lock, bolt, etc.
3. to enclose securely, as a person or an animal (usually fol. by in): to fasten a monkey in a cage.
4. to attach, associate, or connect: to fasten a nickname on someone.
5. to direct (the eyes, thoughts, etc.) intently: to fasten one's eyes on a speaker.

1. to become fast, fixed, or firm.
2. to close firmly or securely; lock: This clasp won't fasten.
3. to take a firm hold; seize (usually fol. by on or upon): to fasten on an idea.
4. to focus attention; concentrate (usually fol. by on or upon): His gaze fastened on the jewels.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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