Pronunciation: (fēl), [key]
v., felt, feel•ing,

1. to perceive or examine by touch.
2. to have a sensation of (something), other than by sight, hearing, taste, or smell: to feel a toothache.
3. to find or pursue (one's way) by touching, groping, or cautious moves.
4. to be or become conscious of.
5. to be emotionally affected by: to feel one's disgrace keenly.
6. to experience the effects of: The whole region felt the storm.
7. to have a particular sensation or impression of (often used reflexively and usually fol. by an adjunct or complement): to feel oneself slighted.
8. to have a general or thorough conviction of; think; believe: I feel he's guilty.

1. to have perception by touch or by any nerves of sensation other than those of sight, hearing, taste, and smell.
2. to make examination by touch; grope.
3. to perceive a state of mind or a condition of body: to feel happy; to feel well.
4. to have a sensation of being: to feel warm.
5. to make itself perceived or apparent; seem: How does it feel to be rich?
6. feel for,
a. to feel sympathy for or compassion toward; empathize with: I know you're disappointed and upset, and I feel for you.
b. Southeastern Pennsylvania and have a liking or desire for: If you feel for more pie, just help yourself.
7. feel like, have a desire for; be favorably disposed to: I don't feel like going out tonight. Do you feel like a movie?
8. feel like oneself, to be in one's usual frame of mind or state of health: She hasn't been feeling like herself since the accident. Also,feel oneself.
9. feel no pain. See pain (def. 5).
10. feel out, to attempt to ascertain (the nature of a situation, someone's attitude, etc.) by indirect or subtle means: Why not feel out the other neighbors' opinions before you make a complaint.
11. feel up, Slang (vulgar). to fondle or touch (someone) in a sexual manner.
12. feel up to, feel or be able to; be capable of: He didn't feel up to going to the theater so soon after his recent illness.

1. a quality of an object that is perceived by feeling or touching: the soft feel of cotton.
2. a sensation of something felt; a vague mental impression or feeling: a feel of winter; a feel of sadness in the air.
3. the sense of touch: soft to the feel.
4. native ability or acquired sensitivity: to have a feel for what is right.
5. act or instance of touching with the hand or fingers.
6. Slang (vulgar). an act or instance of feeling up.
7. cop a feel, Slang (vulgar). to touch another person's body sexually, often in a quick and surreptitious way.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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