Pronunciation: (flop), [key]
v., flopped, flop•ping,

1. to fall or plump down suddenly, esp. with noise; drop or turn with a sudden bump or thud (sometimes fol. by down): The puppy flopped down on the couch.
2. to change suddenly, as from one side or party to another (often fol. by over).
3. to be a complete failure; fail: The play flopped dismally.
4. sleep or be lodged: to flop at a friend's house.
5. to swing loosely; bounce; flap: His long hair flops in his eyes when he runs.

1. to drop with a sudden bump or thud: He flopped his books on a chair.
2. to dispose (oneself) in a heavily negligent manner: to flop oneself in a chair.
3. to invert (the negative of a photograph) so that the right and left sides are transposed.

1. an act of flopping.
2. the sound of flopping; a thud.
3. a failure: The new comedy was a flop.
4. Informal.a place to sleep; temporary lodging: The mission offered a flop and a free breakfast.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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