Pronunciation: (frangk), [key]
adj., -er, -est,
n., v.

1. direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere: Her criticism of my work was frank but absolutely fair.
2. without inhibition or subterfuge; direct; undisguised: a frank appeal for financial aid.
3. Pathol.unmistakable; clinically evident: frank blood.
4. Archaic.liberal or generous.

1. a signature or mark affixed by special privilege to a letter, package, or the like to ensure its transmission free of charge, as by mail.
2. the privilege of franking letters, packages, etc.
3. a franked letter, package, etc.

1. to mark (a letter, package, etc.) for transmission free of the usual charge, by virtue of official or special privilege; send free of charge, as mail.
2. to convey (a person) free of charge.
3. to enable to pass or go freely: to frank a visitor through customs.
4. to facilitate the comings and goings of (a person), esp. in society: A sizable inheritance will frank you faster than anything else.
5. to secure exemption for.
6. assemble (millwork, as sash bars) with a miter joint through the moldings and a butt joint or mortise-and-tenon joint for the rest.


Pronunciation: (frangk), [key]
n. Informal.


Pronunciation: (frangk), [key]
1. a member of a group of ancient Germanic peoples dwelling in the regions of the Rhine, one division of whom, the Salians, conquered Gaul about a.d. 500, founded an extensive kingdom, and gave origin to the name France.
2. (in the Levant) any native of western Europe.


Pronunciation: (frangk, frängk; Russ., fränk; Ger. frängk), [key]
1. Anne, 1929–45, German Jewish girl who died in Belsen concentration camp in Germany: her diaries about her family hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam (1942–44) published in 1947.
2. Il•ya Mi•khai•lo•vich Pronunciation: (ē-lyä" myi-khī'-lu-vyich), [key] 1908–90, Russian physicist: Nobel prize 1958.
3. Le•on•hard Pronunciation: (lā'ôn-härt), [key] 1882–1961, German novelist.
4. Waldo, 1889–1967, U.S. novelist and social critic.
5. a male given name, form of Francis or Franklin.



Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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