Pronunciation: (hēt), [key]
1. the state of a body perceived as having or generating a relatively high degree of warmth.
2. the condition or quality of being hot: the heat of an oven.
3. the degree of hotness; temperature: moderate heat.
4. the sensation of warmth or hotness: unpleasant heat.
5. a bodily temperature higher than normal: the heat of a fever; the feeling of heat caused by physical exertion.
6. added or external energy that causes a rise in temperature, expansion, evaporation, or other physical change.
7. Physics.a nonmechanical energy transfer with reference to a temperature difference between a system and its surroundings or between two parts of the same system. Symbol: Q
8. a hot condition of the atmosphere or physical environment; hot season or weather.
9. a period of hot weather.
10. a sharp, pungent flavor, as that produced by strong spices.
11. warmth or intensity of feeling; vehemence; passion: He spoke with much heat and at great length.
12. maximum intensity in an activity, condition, etc.; the height of any action, situation, or the like: the heat of battle; the heat of passion.
13. extreme pressure, as of events, resulting in tension or strain: In the heat of his hasty departure he forgot his keys.
14. a single intense effort; a sustained, concentrated, and continuous operation: The painting was finished at a heat.
15. Slang.intensified pressure, esp. in a police investigation.
16. Slang.the police.
17. Slang.armed protection, esp. a pistol, revolver, or other firearm: All guards carry some heat.
18. Sports.
a. a single course in or division of a race or other contest.
b. a race or other contest in which competitors attempt to qualify for entry in the final race or contest.
19. Metall.
a. a single operation of heating, as of metal in a furnace, in the treating and melting of metals.
b. a quantity of metal produced by such an operation.
20. Zool.
a. sexual receptiveness in animals, esp. females.
b. the period or duration of such receptiveness: to be in heat.

1. to make hot or warm (often fol. by up).
2. to excite emotionally; inflame or rouse with passion.

1. to become hot or warm (often fol. by up).
2. to become excited emotionally.
3. heat up, to increase or become more active or intense: Business competition will heat up toward the end of the year.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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