Pronunciation: (hēr), [key]
1. in this place; in this spot or locality (opposed to there): Put the pen here.
2. to or toward this place; hither: Come here.
3. at this point; at this juncture: Here the speaker paused.
4. (used to call attention to some person or thing present, or to what the speaker has, offers, brings, or discovers): Here is your paycheck. My friend here knows the circumstances.
5. present (used to answer a roll call).
6. in the present life or existence (often fol. by below): We want but little here below.
7. under consideration, in this instance or case: The matter here is of grave concern to us all.
8. here and now, at the present moment; without delay; immediately: We must tend to the matter here and now.
9. here and there,
a. in this place and in that; at various times or places: He worked here and there, never for long in one town.
b. hither and thither: We drove here and there in the darkness, hoping to find the right roads.
10. here goes, (used to express resolution in beginning a bold or unpleasant action): You've dared me to dive from the highest board, so here goes!
11. here's to, hail to; salutations to: Here's to a long and happy life! Here's to you!
12. neither here nor there, without relevance or importance; immaterial: The fact that her family has no money is neither here nor there.

1. this place: It's only a short distance from here.
2. this world; this life; the present: The here and the hereafter are equal mysteries to all people.
3. here and now, the immediate present (usually prec. by the): You can't live only in the here and now.
4. up to here with,
a. having a surfeit of: I'm up to here with work.
b. at a high point of annoyance with: Everyone is up to here with his constant complaining.

(used for emphasis, esp. after a noun modified by a demonstrative adjective): this package here.

(often used to command attention, give comfort, etc.) now; all right: Here, let me try it. Here, don't cry.


Pronunciation: (hēr'ē), [key]

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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