Pronunciation: ("tur-lok', in'tur-lok";'tur-lok"),
1. to fit into each other, as parts of machinery, so that all action is synchronized.
2. to interweave or interlace, one with another: The branches of the trees interlock to form a natural archway.
3. Railroads.(of switches, signals, etc.) to operate together in a prearranged order.

1. to lock one with another.
2. to fit (parts) together to ensure coordinated action.
3. arrange (switches, signals, etc.) to effect a predetermined sequence of movement.

1. the fact or condition of interlocking or of being interlocked.
2. the existence or an instance of an interlocking directorate.
3. a device for preventing a mechanism from being set in motion when another mechanism is in such a position that the two operating simultaneously might produce undesirable results.
4. Also called ignition interlock. a device or system that prevents an automotive engine from starting until the seat belt for any occupied front seat is fastened.
5. a stretch fabric made with a circular knitting machine having two alternating sets of long and short needles.
6. Motion Pictures.a device for synchronizing the action of a camera and sound recorder.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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