Pronunciation: ( jon'sun; for 3 also Sw. yoon'sôn), [key]
1. Andrew, 1808–75, seventeenth president of the U.S. 1865–69.
2. Charles Spur•geon Pronunciation: (spûr'jun), [key] 1893–1956, U.S. educator and sociologist.
3. Ey•vind Pronunciation: (ā'vin), [key] 1900–76, Swedish writer: Nobel prize 1974.
4. Gerald White, 1890–1980, U.S. writer.
5. Howard (Deer•ing) Pronunciation: (dēr'ing), [key] 1896?–1972, U.S. businessman: founder of restaurant and motel chain.
6. Jack (John Arthur), 1878–1946, U.S. heavyweight prizefighter: world champion 1908–15.
7. James Price, 1891–1955, U.S. pianist and jazz composer.
8. James Wel•don Pronunciation: (wel'dun), [key] 1871–1938, U.S. poet and essayist.
9. Lyn•don Baines Pronunciation: (lin'dun bānz), [key] 1908–73, thirty-sixth president of the U.S. 1963–69.
10. Philip C(ortelyou), 1906-2005, U.S. architect and author.
11. Rev•er•dy Pronunciation: (rev'ur-dē), [key] 1796–1876, U.S. lawyer and politician: senator 1845–49, 1863–68.
12. Richard Men•tor Pronunciation: (men'tur, -tôr), [key] 1780–1850, vice president of the U.S. 1837–41.
13. Samuel (“Dr. Johnson”), 1709–84, English lexicographer, critic, poet, and conversationalist.
14. Virginia E(sh•el•man) Pronunciation: (esh'ul-mun), [key] born 1925, U.S. psychologist: researcher on human sexual behavior (wife of William H. Masters).
15. Walter Perry (“Big Train”), 1887–1946, U.S. baseball player.
16. Sir William, 1715–74, British colonial administrator in America, born in Ireland.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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