Pronunciation: (mär'tn), [key]
any of several swallows having a deeply forked tail and long, pointed wings. Cf. house martin, purple martin.


Pronunciation: (mär'tn), [key]
1. Ar•cher John Porter Pronunciation: (är'chur), [key] born 1910, English biochemist: Nobel prize for chemistry 1952.
2. Frank, 1890–1974, Swiss composer.
3. Glenn Luther, 1886–1955, U.S. airplane designer and manufacturer.
4. Homer Dodge, 1836–97, U.S. painter.
5. Joseph W(illiam) Jr., 1884–1968, U.S. political leader and publisher: Speaker of the House 1947–49, 1953–55.
6. Saint, a.d. 316?–397, French prelate: bishop of Tours 370?–397.
7. a male given name: from the name of the Roman god Mars.

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