Pronunciation: (melt), [key]
v., melt•ed, melt•ed or mol•ten, melt•ing,

1. to become liquefied by warmth or heat, as ice, snow, butter, or metal.
2. to become liquid; dissolve: Let the cough drop melt in your mouth.
3. to pass, dwindle, or fade gradually (often fol. by away): His fortune slowly melted away.
4. to pass, change, or blend gradually (often fol. by into): Night melted into day.
5. to become softened in feeling by pity, sympathy, love, or the like: The tyrant's heart would not melt.
6. be subdued or overwhelmed by sorrow, dismay, etc.

1. to reduce to a liquid state by warmth or heat; fuse: Fire melts ice.
2. to cause to pass away or fade.
3. to cause to pass, change, or blend gradually.
4. to soften in feeling, as a person or the heart.

1. the act or process of melting; state of being melted.
2. something that is melted.
3. a quantity melted at one time.
4. a sandwich or other dish topped with melted cheese: a tuna melt.


Pronunciation: (melt), [key]
the spleen, esp. that of a cow, pig, etc. Also,milt.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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