Pronunciation: (mount), [key]
1. to go up; climb; ascend: to mount stairs.
2. to get up on (a platform, a horse, etc.).
3. to set or place at an elevation: to mount a house on stilts.
4. to furnish with a horse or other animal for riding.
5. to set or place (a person) on horseback.
6. to organize, as an army.
7. to prepare and launch, as an attack or a campaign.
8. to raise or put into position for use, as a gun.
9. (of a fortress or warship) to have or carry (guns) in position for use.
10. to go or put on guard, as a sentry or watch.
11. to attach to or fix on or in a support, backing, setting, etc.: to mount a photograph; to mount a diamond in a ring.
12. to arrange for display: to mount a museum exhibit.
13. to provide (a play, musical comedy, opera, etc.) with scenery, costumes, and other equipment for production.
14. to prepare (an animal body or skeleton) as a specimen.
15. (of a male animal) to climb upon (a female) for copulation.
16. Micros.
a. to prepare (a slide) for microscopic investigation.
b. to prepare (a sample) for examination by a microscope, as by placing it on a slide.

1. to increase in amount or intensity (often fol. by up): The cost of all those small purchases mounts up.
2. to get up on the back of a horse or other animal for riding.
3. to rise or go to a higher position, level, degree, etc.; ascend.
4. to get up on something, as a platform.

1. the act or a manner of mounting.
2. a horse, other animal, or sometimes a vehicle, as a bicycle, used, provided, or available for riding.
3. an act or occasion of riding a horse, esp. in a race.
4. a support, backing, setting, or the like, on or in which something is, or is to be, mounted or fixed.
5. an ornamental metal piece applied to a piece of wooden furniture.
6. Micros.a prepared slide.
7. a distinctive metal feature on a sheath or scabbard, as a locket or chape.
8. Philately.hinge (def. 4).
9. Print.a wooden or metal block to which a plate is secured for printing.


Pronunciation: (mount), [key]
n. Chiefly Literary.
a mountain: often used as part of a placename.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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