Pronunciation: (nōd), [key]
1. a knot, protuberance, or knob.
2. a centering point of component parts.
3. Anat.a knotlike mass of tissue: lymph node.
4. Pathol.circumscribed swelling.
5. Bot.
a. a joint in a stem.
b. a part of a stem that normally bears a leaf.
6. Math.knot (def. 12).
7. Geom.a point on a curve or surface at which there can be more than one tangent line or tangent plane.
8. Physics.a point, line, or region in a standing wave at which there is relatively little or no vibration.
9. Astron.either of the two points at which the orbit of a heavenly body intersects a given plane, esp. the plane of the ecliptic or of the celestial equator. Cf. ascending node, descending node.
10. element of a tree diagram that represents a constituent of a linguistic construction.
11. Optics.See nodal point.
12. Engin.See panel point.
13. nodus.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

noddynode of Ranvier
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