Pronunciation: (out'wurd), [key]
1. proceeding or directed toward the outside or exterior, or away from a central point: the outward flow of gold; the outward part of a voyage.
2. pertaining to or being what is seen or apparent, as distinguished from the underlying nature, facts, etc.; pertaining to surface qualities only; superficial: outward appearances.
3. belonging or pertaining to external actions or appearances, as opposed to inner feelings, mental states, etc.: an outward show of grief.
4. that lies toward the outside; that is on the outer side; exterior: an outward court.
5. of or pertaining to the outside, outer surface, or exterior: to make repairs on the outward walls of a house.
6. pertaining to the outside of the body; external.
7. pertaining to the body, as opposed to the mind or spirit.
8. belonging or pertaining to what is external to oneself: outward influences.

1. that which is external; the external or material world.
2. outward appearance.

adv. Also,out'wards.
1. toward the outside; out.
2. visibly expressing one's inner feelings, mental state, etc.
3. away from port: a ship bound outward.
4. Obs.on the outside; externally.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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