Pronunciation: (oks'furd), [key]
1. Also called Oxford shoe, Oxford tie. a low shoe laced over the instep.
2. Also called ox'ford cloth". a cotton or synthetic fabric, in plain, twill, or basket weave, constructed on a pattern of two fine yarns woven as one warpwise and one loosely twisted yarn weftwise, for shirts, skirts, and summer sportswear.


Pronunciation: (oks'furd), [key]
1. 1st Earl of. See Harley, Robert.
2. a city in S Oxfordshire, in S England, NW of London: university, founded in 12th century. 116,600.
3. Oxfordshire.
4. a town in SW Ohio. 17,655.
5. a town in S Massachusetts. 11,680.
6. a town in N Mississippi, hometown of William Faulkner. 9882.
7. Also called Ox'ford Down'. one of an English breed of large, hornless sheep, noted for its market lambs and heavy fleece of medium length.

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