Pronunciation: (pach), [key]
1. a small piece of material used to mend a tear or break, to cover a hole, or to strengthen a weak place: patches at the elbows of a sports jacket.
2. a piece of material used to cover or protect a wound, an injured part, etc.: a patch over the eye.
3. an adhesive patch that applies to the skin and gradually delivers drugs or medication to the user: using a nicotine patch to try to quit smoking.
4. any of the pieces of cloth sewed together to form patchwork.
5. a small piece, scrap, or area of anything: a patch of ice on the road.
6. a piece or tract of land; plot.
7. a small field, plot, or garden, esp. one in which a specific type of plant grows or is cultivated: a cabbage patch; a bean patch.
8. See beauty spot (def. 1).
9. Mil.a cloth emblem worn on the upper uniform sleeve to identify the military unit of the wearer.
10. a small organizational or affiliational emblem of cloth sewn to one's jacket, shirt, cap, etc.
11. a connection or hookup, as between radio circuits or telephone lines: The patch allowed shut-ins to hear the game by telephone.

1. to mend, cover, or strengthen with or as if with a patch or patches.
2. to repair or restore, esp. in a hasty or makeshift way (usually fol. by up).
3. to make by joining patches or pieces together: to patch a quilt.
4. to settle or smooth over (a quarrel, difference, etc.) (often fol. by up): They patched up their quarrel before the company arrived.
5. (esp. in radio and telephone communications) to connect or hook up (circuits, programs, conversations, etc.) (often fol. by through, into, etc.): The radio show was patched through to the ship. Patch me through to the mainland.

to make a connection between radio circuits, telephone lines, etc. (often fol. by in or into): We patched into the ship-to-shore conversation.


Pronunciation: (pach), [key]
a clown, fool, or booby.


Pronunciation: (pach), [key]
Alexander Mc•Car•rell Pronunciation: (mu-kar'ul), [key] 1889–1945, U.S. World War II general.

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