Pronunciation: (peg), [key]
n., v., pegged, peg•ging,

1. a pin of wood or other material driven or fitted into something, as to fasten parts together, to hang things on, to make fast a rope or string on, to stop a hole, or to mark some point.
2. Informal.a leg, either real or wooden: still on his pegs at 99.
3. a notch or degree: to come down a peg.
4. an occasion, basis, or reason: a peg to hang a grievance on.
5. Also called pin. Music.a pin of wood or metal in the neck of a stringed instrument that may be turned in its socket to adjust a string's tension.
6. Informal.a throw, esp. in baseball: The peg to the plate was late.
7. See news peg.
8. Econ.the level at which some price, exchange rate, etc., is set.
9. Brit., alcoholic drink, esp. a whiskey or brandy and soda.
10. Brit.clothespin.
11. take down a peg, to reduce the pride or arrogance of; humble: I guess that'll take him down a peg!

1. to drive or insert a peg into.
2. to fasten with or as with pegs.
3. to mark with pegs.
4. to strike or pierce with or as with a peg.
5. to keep (the commodity price, exchange rate, etc.) at a set level, as by manipulation or law.
6. throw (a ball).
7. base (an article, feature story, etc.) upon; justify by (usually fol. by on): The feature on the chief of police was pegged on the riots.
8. identify: to peg someone as a good prospect.

1. to work or continue persistently or energetically: to peg away at a homework assignment.
2. throw a ball.
3. strike a peg, as in completing a game.

Also,pegged.tapered toward the bottom of the leg: peg trousers.


Pronunciation: (peg), [key]
a female given name, form of Peggy.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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