Pronunciation: (', -dyOOs';'OOs, -yOOs, prō'dOOs, -dyOOs),
v., -duced, -duc•ing,

1. to bring into existence; give rise to; cause: to produce steam.
2. to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability: to produce a great painting.
3. to make or manufacture: to produce automobiles for export.
4. to bring forth; give birth to; bear: to produce a litter of puppies.
5. to provide, furnish, or supply; yield: a mine producing silver.
6. cause to accrue: stocks producing unexpected dividends.
7. to bring forward; present to view or notice; exhibit: to produce one's credentials.
8. to bring (a play, movie, opera, etc.) before the public.
9. to extend or prolong, as a line.

1. to create, bring forth, or yield offspring, products, etc.: Their mines are closed because they no longer produce.
2. create economic value; bring crops, goods, etc., to a point at which they will command a price.

n. prod•uce
1. something that is produced; yield; product.
2. agricultural products collectively, esp. vegetables and fruits.
3. offspring, esp. of a female animal: the produce of a mare.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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