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n.proj'ekt, -ikt;'),
1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.
2. a large or major undertaking, esp. one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.
3. a specific task of investigation, esp. in scholarship.
4. Educ.a supplementary, long-term educational assignment necessitating personal initiative, undertaken by an individual student or a group of students.
5. Often, projects. See housing project.

v.t. pro•ject
1. to propose, contemplate, or plan.
2. to throw, cast, or impel forward or onward.
3. to set forth or calculate (some future thing): They projected the building costs for the next five years.
4. to throw or cause to fall upon a surface or into space, as a ray of light or a shadow.
5. to cause (a figure or image) to appear, as on a background.
6. to regard (something within the mind, as a feeling, thought, or attitude) as having some form of reality outside the mind: He projected a thrilling picture of the party's future.
7. to cause to jut out or protrude.
8. Geom.
a. to throw forward an image of (a figure or the like) by straight lines or rays, either parallel, converging, or diverging, that pass through all its points and reproduce it on another surface or figure.
b. to transform the points (of one figure) into those of another by a correspondence between points.
9. to present (an idea, program, etc.) for consideration or action: They made every effort to project the notion of world peace.
10. to use (one's voice, gestures, etc.) forcefully enough to be perceived at a distance, as by all members of the audience in a theater.
11. to communicate clearly and forcefully (one's thoughts, personality, role, etc.) to an audience, as in a theatrical performance; produce a compelling image of.
12. to cause (the voice) to appear to come from a source other than oneself, as in ventriloquism; throw.

v.i. pro•ject
1. to extend or protrude beyond something else.
2. to use one's voice forcefully enough to be heard at a distance, as in a theater.
3. to produce a clear impression of one's thoughts, personality, role, etc., in an audience; communicate clearly and forcefully.
4. ascribe one's own feelings, thoughts, or attitudes to others.

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