Pronunciation: (rod), [key]
n., v., rod•ded, rod•ding.

1. a stick, wand, staff, or the like, of wood, metal, or other material.
2. a straight, slender shoot or stem of any woody plant, whether still growing or cut from the plant.
3. See fishing rod.
4. (in plastering or mortaring) a straightedge moved along screeds to even the plaster between them.
5. a stick used for measuring.
6. a unit of linear measure, 5½ yards or 16½ feet (5.029 m); linear perch or pole.
7. a unit of square measure, 30¼ square yards (25.29 sq. m); square perch or pole.
8. a stick, or a bundle of sticks or switches bound together, used as an instrument of punishment.
9. punishment or discipline: Not one to spare the rod, I sent him to bed without dinner.
10. a wand, staff, or scepter carried as a symbol of office, authority, power, etc.
11. authority, sway, or rule, esp. when tyrannical.
12. See lightning rod.
13. a slender bar or tube for draping towels over, suspending a shower curtain, etc.
14. Bible.a branch of a family; tribe.
15. a pattern, drawn on wood in full size, of one section of a piece of furniture.
16. Slang.
a. a pistol or revolver.
b. Vulgar.the penis.
17. of the rodlike cells in the retina of the eye, sensitive to low intensities of light. Cf. cone (def. 5).
18. Bacteriol.a rod-shaped microorganism.
19. Also called leveling rod, stadia rod. Survey.a light pole, conspicuously marked with graduations, held upright and read through a surveying instrument in leveling or stadia surveying.
20. Metall.round metal stock for drawing and cutting into slender bars.

1. to furnish or equip with a rod or rods, esp. lightning rods.
2. to even (plaster or mortar) with a rod.
3. reinforce (the core of a mold) with metal rods.


Pronunciation: (rod), [key]
a male given name, form of Roderick or Rodney.

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