Pronunciation: (shou'ur), [key]
1. a brief fall of rain or, sometimes, of hail or snow.
2. Also called show'er bath". a bath in which water is sprayed on the body, usually from an overhead perforated nozzle (showerhead).
3. the apparatus for this or the room or stall enclosing it.
4. a large supply or quantity: a shower of wealth.
5. a party given for a bestowal of presents of a specific kind, esp. such a party for a prospective bride or prospective mother: a linen shower; a baby shower.
6. a fall of many objects, as tears, sparks, or missiles.
7. Astron.See air shower.
8. showers,a room or area equipped with several showerheads or stalls for use by a number of people at the same time.
9. send to the showers, Baseball.
a. to replace (a pitcher) during a game, usually because he or she is ineffective: The coach sent him to the showers after he walked three batters in a row.
b. to cause (a pitcher) to be replaced in a game, as by getting many hits off him or her; knock out of the box: Two home runs and a line-drive double sent her to the showers.

1. to bestow liberally or lavishly.
2. to deluge (a person) with gifts, favors, etc.: She was showered with gifts on her birthday.
3. to bathe (oneself) in a shower bath.

1. to rain in a shower.
2. to take a shower bath.


Pronunciation: (shō'ur), [key]
a person or thing that shows.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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