Pronunciation: (smärt), [key]
v., adj., -er, -est,
adv., n.

1. to be a source of sharp, local, and usually superficial pain, as a wound.
2. to be the cause of a sharp, stinging pain, as an irritating application, a blow, etc.
3. to feel a sharp, stinging pain, as in a wound.
4. to suffer keenly from wounded feelings: She smarted under their criticism.
5. to feel shame or remorse or to suffer in punishment or in return for something.

to cause a sharp pain to or in.

1. quick or prompt in action, as persons.
2. having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability: a smart student.
3. shrewd or sharp, as a person in dealing with others or as in business dealings: a smart businessman.
4. clever, witty, or readily effective, as a speaker, speech, rejoinder, etc.
5. dashingly or impressively neat or trim in appearance, as persons, dress, etc.
6. socially elegant; sophisticated or fashionable: the smart crowd.
7. saucy; pert: smart remarks.
8. sharply brisk, vigorous, or active: to walk with smart steps.
9. sharply severe, as a blow, stroke, etc.
10. sharp or keen: a smart pain.
11. Informal.equipped with, using, or containing electronic control devices, as computer systems, microprocessors, or missiles: a smart phone; a smart copier.
12. Computers.intelligent (def. 4).
13. Older Use.considerable; fairly large.

in a smart manner; smartly.

1. a sharp local pain, usually superficial, as from a wound, blow, or sting.
2. keen mental suffering, as from wounded feelings, affliction, grievous loss, etc.
3. smarts, Slang.intelligence; common sense: He never had the smarts to use his opportunities.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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