Pronunciation: (stā'shun), [key]
1. a place or position in which a person or thing is normally located.
2. a stopping place for trains or other land conveyances, for the transfer of freight or passengers.
3. the building or buildings at such a stopping place.
4. the district or municipal headquarters of certain public services: police station; fire station; postal station.
5. a place equipped for some particular kind of work, service, research, or the like: gasoline station; geophysical station.
6. the position, as of persons or things, in a scale of estimation, rank, or dignity; standing: the responsibility of persons of high station.
7. a position, office, rank, calling, or the like.
8. Radio and Television.
a. a studio or building from which broadcasts originate.
b. a person or organization originating and broadcasting messages or programs.
c. a specific frequency or band of frequencies assigned to a regular or special broadcaster: Tune to the Civil Defense station.
d. the complete equipment used in transmitting and receiving broadcasts.
9. Mil.
a. a military place of duty.
b. a semipermanent army post.
10. Navy.a place or region to which a ship or fleet is assigned for duty.
11. (formerly in India) the area in which the British officials of a district or the officers of a garrison resided.
12. Biol.a particular area or type of region where a given animal or plant is found.
13. Australian.a ranch with its buildings, land, etc., esp. for raising sheep.
14. Survey.
a. Also called instrument station, set-up. a point where an observation is taken.
b. a precisely located reference point.
c. a length of 100 ft. (30 m) along a survey line.
15. a section or area assigned to a waiter, soldier, etc.; post: The waiter says this isn't his station.
16. See stations of the cross.
17. Archaic.the fact or condition of standing still.

to assign a station to; place or post in a station or position.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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