Pronunciation: (tekst), [key]
1. the main body of matter in a manuscript, book, newspaper, etc., as distinguished from notes, appendixes, headings, illustrations, etc.
2. the original words of an author or speaker, as opposed to a translation, paraphrase, commentary, or the like: The newspaper published the whole text of the speech.
3. the actual wording of anything written or printed: You have not kept to the text of my remarks.
4. any of the various forms in which a writing exists: The text is a medieval transcription.
5. the wording adopted by an editor as representing the original words of an author: the authoritative text of Catullus.
6. any theme or topic; subject.
7. the words of a song or the like.
8. a textbook.
9. a short passage of Scripture, esp. one chosen in proof of a doctrine or as the subject of a sermon: The text he chose was the Sermon on the Mount.
10. the letter of the Holy Scripture, or the Scriptures themselves.
11. Print.
a. See black letter.
b. type, as distinguished from illustrations, margins, etc.
12. Ling.a unit of connected speech or writing, esp. composed of more than one sentence, that forms a cohesive whole.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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