Pronunciation: (toun), [key]
1. a thickly populated area, usually smaller than a city and larger than a village, having fixed boundaries and certain local powers of government.
2. a densely populated area of considerable size, as a city or borough.
3. (esp. in New England) a municipal corporation with less elaborate organization and powers than a city.
4. (in most U.S. states except those of New England) a township.
5. any urban area, as contrasted with its surrounding countryside.
6. the inhabitants of a town; townspeople; citizenry.
7. the particular town or city in mind or referred to: living on the outskirts of town; to be out of town.
8. a nearby or neighboring city; the chief town or city in a district: I am staying at a friend's apartment in town.
9. the main business or shopping area in a town or city; downtown.
10. Brit.
a. a village or hamlet in which a periodic market or fair is held.
b. any village or hamlet.
11. Scot.a farmstead.
12. go to town, Informal.
a. to be successful.
b. to do well, efficiently, or speedily: The engineers really went to town on those plans.
c. to lose restraint or inhibition; overindulge.
13. on the town,
a. quest of entertainment in a city's nightclubs, bars, etc.; out to have a good time: a bunch of college kids out on the town.
b. supported by the public charity of the state or community; on relief.
14. paint the town. See paint (def. 16).

of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or belonging to a town: town laws; town government; town constable.


Pronunciation: (toun), [key]
Ith•i•el Pronunciation: (ith'ē-ul), [key] 1784–1844, U.S. architect.

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