Pronunciation: (
v.un"dur-kut', un'dur-kut";
n., adj.,un'dur-kut"),
v., -cut, -cut•ting,
n., adj.

1. to cut under or beneath.
2. to cut away material from so as to leave a portion overhanging, as in carving or sculpture.
3. to offer goods or services at a lower price or rate than (a competing price or rate) or than that of (a competitor).
4. to weaken or destroy the impact or effectiveness of; undermine.
5. hit (the ball) so as to cause a backspin.
6. slice (the ball) using an underhand motion.
7. to cut (a sound recording) with grooves too shallow or with insufficient lateral motion of the stylus.
8. cut a notch in (a tree) in order to control the direction in which the tree is to fall.

to undercut material, a competitor, a ball, etc.

1. a cut or a cutting away underneath.
2. a notch cut in a tree to determine the direction in which the tree is to fall and to prevent splitting.
3. Golf.a backspin.
4. Tennis.a slice or cut made with an underhand motion.
5. Chiefly Brit.a tenderloin of beef including the fillet.
6. Dentistry.a tooth cavity prepared with a wide base for anchoring a filling securely.

having or resulting from an undercut.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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