Pronunciation: (web'ur, vā'bur), [key]
n. Elect.
the SI unit of magnetic flux and magnetic pole strength, equal to a flux that produces an electromotive force of one volt in a single turn of wire when the flux is uniformly reduced to zero in a period of one second; 108 maxwells. Abbr.: Wb


Pronunciation: (vā'bur or, Ger., vā'bur for 1–3, 5; web'ur for 4), [key]
1. Ernst Hein•rich Pronunciation: (ernst hīn'rikh), [key] 1795–1878, German physiologist.
2. Baron Karl Ma•ri•a Frie•drich Ernst von Pronunciation: (kärl mä-rē'ä frē'drikh ernst fun), [key] 1786–1826, German pianist, conductor, and composer.
3. Max Pronunciation: (maks; Ger. mäks), [key] 1864–1920, German sociologist and political economist.
4. Max Pronunciation: (maks), [key] 1881–1961, U.S. painter, born in Russia.
5. Wil•helm E•du•ard Pronunciation: (vil'helm ā'dOO-ärt"), [key] 1804–91, German physicist (brother of Ernst Heinrich).

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