Pronunciation: (west), [key]
1. a cardinal point of the compass, 90° to the left when facing north, corresponding to the point where the sun is seen to set. Abbr.: W
2. the direction in which this point lies.
3. (usually cap.) a region or territory situated in this direction, esp. the western part of the U.S., as distinguished from the East: a vacation trip through the West.
4. (cap.) the western part of the world, as distinguished from the East or Orient; the Occident.
5. (cap.) the non-Communist countries of Western Europe and the Americas.

1. directed or proceeding toward the west.
2. coming from the west: a west wind.
3. lying toward or situated in the west.
4. Eccles.designating, lying toward, or in that part of a church opposite to and farthest from the altar.

1. to, toward, or in the west: The car headed west.
2. from the west: The wind blew west.
3. go west, die.


Pronunciation: (west), [key]
1. Benjamin, 1738–1820, U.S. painter, in England after 1763.
2. Mae, 1892?–1980, U.S. actress.
3. Nathanael (Nathan Wallenstein Weinstein), 1902?–40, U.S. novelist.
4. Paul, born 1930, U.S. poet, essayist, and novelist, born in England.
5. Dame Rebecca (Cicily Isabel Fairfield Andrews), 1892–1983, English novelist, journalist, and critic, born in Ireland.


western. Also,west.

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