Pronunciation: (wīd), [key]
adj., wid•er, wid•est,
adv., n.

1. having considerable or great extent from side to side; broad: a wide boulevard.
2. having a certain or specified extent from side to side: three feet wide.
3. of great horizontal extent; extensive; vast; spacious: the wide plains of the West.
4. of great range or scope; embracing a great number or variety of subjects, cases, etc.: wide experience.
5. open to the full or a great extent; expanded; distended: to stare with wide eyes.
6. apart or remote from a specified point or object: a guess wide of the truth.
7. too far or too much to one side: a shot wide of the mark.
8. Baseball.outside (def. 16): The pitch was wide of the plate.
9. full, ample, or roomy, as clothing: He wore wide, flowing robes.
10. Phonet.lax (def. 7).
11. Brit. Slang.shrewd; wary.

1. to the full extent of opening: Open your mouth wide.
2. to the utmost, or fully: to be wide awake.
3. away from or to one side of a point, mark, purpose, or the like; aside; astray: The shot went wide.
4. over an extensive space or region, or far abroad: scattered far and wide.
5. to a great, or relatively great, extent from side to side: The river runs wide here.

1. Cricket.a bowled ball that goes wide of the wicket, and counts as a run for the side batting.
2. Archaic.a wide space or expanse.


a combining form of wide, forming from nouns adjectives with the general sense “extending or applying throughout a given space,” as specified by the noun: communitywide; countrywide; worldwide.

Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease.

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