Pronunciation: (wil'yumz), [key]
1. Ben Ames Pronunciation: (āmz), [key] 1889–1953, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.
2. Bert (Egbert Austin Williams), 1876?–1922, U.S. comedian and songwriter.
3. Betty (Smyth) Pronunciation: (smith), [key] born 1943, Northern Irish peace activist: Nobel peace prize 1976.
4. Daniel Hale, 1858–1931, U.S. surgeon and educator: performed first successful heart surgery 1893.
5. Em•lyn Pronunciation: (em'lin), [key] born 1905, Welsh playwright and actor.
6. G. Men•nen Pronunciation: (men'un), [key] born 1911, U.S. politician and diplomat.
7. Hank, 1923–53, U.S. country-and-western singer, musician, and composer.
8. Ralph Vaughan. See Vaughan Williams, Ralph.
9. Roger, 1603?–83, English clergyman in America: founder of Rhode Island colony 1636.
10. Tennessee (Thomas Lanier Williams), 1911–83, U.S. dramatist.
11. Theodore Samuel (Ted), 1945-1997, U.S. baseball player.
12. William, 1731–1811, U.S. merchant and revolutionary statesman.
13. William Car•los Pronunciation: (kär'lōs), [key] 1883–1963, U.S. poet and novelist.

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